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Breed Standards
White Pygora, Type A fleece
The second coat is the fleece coat. There are three different fleece types.

Type “A”:(PICTURED: white) is a long lustrous fiber averaging 6+ inches in length. It drapes in long lustrous ringlets. “A” type is a single coat with no guard hair. The fiber is very fine mohair like, usually less than 28 microns. The handle should be silky, smooth and cool to the touch. ADDED IN MARCH 2005...It may be a single coat, but a silky guard hair is usually present.

Type “B”: is a blend of fibers with characteristics of both mohair type and cashmere type fleece. It is usually curly and should average 3 to 6 inches in length. There is an obvious guard hair. There should be luster and the handle should be soft and airy. The fiber should test, on average, below 24 microns. The fleece color is usually lighter than the guard hair color. ADDED IN MARCH 2005...There is an obvious guard hair. A second silky guard hair is also usually present.

Type “C”: is a very fine fiber, usually below 18.5 microns and can be acceptable commercial cashmere. It must be at least 1 inch long, and is usually between 1 to 3 inches. It has a matte finish and a warm, creamy handle. It must show crimp. A course guard hair is present. There is good separation between guard hair and fleece. There should be only one, course guard hair. The fleece color is usually lighter than the guard hair color.

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