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Fleece Types
Officially Pygora Fleece Comes In Three Types!
Unofficially, the Pygora goat has five fleece types. Type A fleece, is very fine mohair. Type C fleece, can be acceptable commercial cashmere. Type B fleece, is a combination of A and C types. However you will see other combinations, A/B or B/C. With the Pygora you will find that each goat is an individual when it comes to fleece. The thing to decide is do you want to shear, pluck or comb, the fleece off of your goat. Which type of fiber do you prefer to spin or sell? Some fleeces take more time during the harvesting process. To this equation you can add color. Colors range from pure white to black and you will see everything in between. Pygora fiber is in a class all by itself. You will not believe the feel! Pygora blends very well with most fibers. You can card it right into the fiber that you are blending. It compliments wool very well adding luster and softness.

Raising the Pygora goat is very personal. It is important to raise the animal that gives you the most pleasure. If you do not enjoy the harvesting to spinning process chances are that you will not completely enjoy your goats.

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