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Pygora 101
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A Little Pygora Goat History!
The Pygora is a laid back goat with a slight attitude. They have airplane like ears and are soft enough to cuddle. Katharine Jorgensen is the lady responsible for the Pygora breed, as we know it today. After years of cross breeding the Pygmy (NPGA) and Angora (AAGBA) goat's she was able to produce fine fiber for the hand spinner. Katharine wanted a "small homestead" goat. This animal will give you kids to sell, easy breeding and birthing, milk to drink, fiber to spin, hide for warmth and meat for the table. Don't forget the most important thing, they will give you love. The Pygora goat is a "True Stress Buster™".

Pygora Minor, Pygora Major and Pygora Disqualifying Faults!

Know what the Pygora judge is looking for before you enter the show ring. Pygora Disqualifying Faults: Goat not meeting the minimum height, color markings of other breeds, pendulous ears, malocclusions, crooked face, natural hornlessness, white socks start at the hoof past the knee or hock, (Buck) multiple teats, not having two testicles of even size, (Buck & Doe) not proven fertility. Pygora Major Faults: Rangy or cobby, no fleece on the goat or available in a box, protruding eyes, sway back in does under 5 years and all bucks, rump to long or short, too steep or level, weal pasterns, labored movement, narrow tracking, cow-hocked, posty-legged and sickle-hocked. Pygora Minor Faults: Sway back in senior does over 5 years, neck short very thick or willowy and thin, scurs depending on size and position, (Doe) multiple teats, uneven udder, teats to small for milking, pendulous over large udder. Have fun showing!

To identify the year of birth, each Pygora goat must have the correct year identification tattoo. To avoid identification confusion the letters G, I, O, Q and U are not used. Here is a list of the coming years.

2014=E 2015=F 2016=H

Have fun coming up with names that start with X or Z. You might want to start making your list in advance.

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