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Professor Goatie™ is the founder of the Pygora University. The P. U. is dedicated to the continuing education of all those interested in the wonderful Pygora goat breed. You are invited to browse through the campus via the links to the left. Under Pygora 101 and Pygora Care you will learn the Pygora basics, then on to the Pygora Breed Standards Table of Contents, which includes the Pygora Goat Introduction, and the
Pygora Breed Characteristics, a Pygora General Description, then Pygora Colors & Patterns and Pygora Fleece, and on to the Pygora Reproduction, Pygora Structure and Pygora Personality. The Pygora Fleece Types will answer many fiber questions. Check out the photographs of Linda taking her first spinning lesson, under Hand Spinning and also find Spinning Terms. The Pygora Thoughts section covers many interesting topics. Last but not least, the Pygora Medical Kit is a must for every goat owner.

Professor Goatie's™ class is always open and the tuition is free. Enjoy and don't be late for class.

Meet our special friend Katie and her two new friends.

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