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Spinning Terms
Learning to spin is fun. Understanding what spinners are talking about is a challenge. They have a whole new language. I have made a list of words new to me and the definitions.
  • Card... process fiber into roving

  • Roving... carded fibers

  • Draft... a fan-shaped bunch of fibers ready to be spun

  • Scour... wash a fleece

  • Fleece... all of the hair/fiber from one goat shearing

  • Staple... length of individul fibers

  • Dehair... separate primary hair from secondary hair

  • Tease... gently pull apart locks of fiber

  • In the grease... unwashed

  • Twist... spiral of fibers being spun into yarn

  • Skirting... removing stained locks, second cuts, matts and kemp areas from a sheared fleece

  • Kempy... hairy

  • Breaks... weak fiber

  • Grade... to separate fleeces by fineness & length of their fibers

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